Weekend with friends

This weekend has been a good one. Maria, one of my oldest and closest friends, came visiting and got to ski deep powder for the first time in her life. She loved it. On Friday Emelie, another good friend of mine, joined us and we had an intense weekend of skiing, hiking, talking and laughing.

Emelie enjoing the view.
Jon enjoying the fresh snow.
Maria doing some Nordica advertisement. Thanks for the support!
Emelie is in deep.
Emelie, Maria and I in the bottom of Galtiberg, the 2000 vertical meter run. A true favourite of mine.
Hiking in Wendelücke, a.k.a Mordor.

Emelie, Ann, Jon and Maria hiking back up to the lift on tired legs.
Smile for the camera Maria.
Emelie taking her last steps back onto the slope.

Now I’m trying to catch up with work before I go to Kitzbühel for a Peak event later this week.