Two unforgettable weeks – Fieberbrunn, Xtrem Verbier and Peak Performance photo shoot

Monday today, and for the first time in while I’m back in front of the computer. It’s been two intense weeks with lots of new impressions, nervousness, adrenaline, exitement, and pure joy. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet lots of new friends.

But let’s go back about one and a half week in time. I was in Fieberbrunn again after the long waiting period that I spent in Engelberg. It had been snowing during the week and when we got up to the spectators area at 6 AM (!) on the day of the contest the sky had cleared up. Strong winds in the night had removed the fresh snow from some parts of the venue, but all in all the conditions looked great. FWT-bibBib draw. F.L.T.R Jackie, Janina, Jess, Christine, Anne-May, Pia, Crystal, Nadine, Ashley, myself and Lorraine.8578507492_07efc0f69c_bMe and Pia discussing our line choices before the contest. Photo by T.Haller.8561850333_5391461d80_bLast line check at the start. Photo by J.Bernard.8562961616_8f97696e10_bIn the start gate getting ready to drop. Lots of butterflies in my stomach here… Photo by J.Bernard.8578510806_0935c06c6b_bMy run. I skied the line that I wanted to ski except for my bottom cliff where the landing looked extremely flat from the top. Hence I skipped it. Although that didn’t look very agressive I’m happy I did as I heard afterwards that three other girls crashed on it. Photo by D.Carlier.8561878273_e3cbaa93cd_b

My run took me to second place after Nadine Wallner who won! Jackie Paaso was third. After this I didn’t think my season could get any better. Photo by Z.Haller.bildWille and Reine both skied really well and ended up 2nd and 3rd in the men’s ski category. Quite impressive that three out of three Swedes were on the podium in Fieberbrunn I must say.

After the prizegiving I got into the car right away and drove back to Engelberg. Our Peak Performance photo shoot was about to start and of course I didn’t want to miss out. We were a crew of seven riders including SandraHenrik, Oskar, Sebastian, me, Rachael and Tadahiro.bild kopia 2We had some fun days in Engelberg and one great powder day in Airolo and I really enjoyed seeing everyone.

On Wednesday evening, when our shoot had just finished, I got an sms from the Freeride World Tour organization. They said that due to a last minute cancelation they had a free spot for the FWT finals, the legendary Verbier Xtreme. It’s of course every competitive freeskier’s dream,  including myself, to participate and I couldn’t say no. Since the contest was less than 36 hours away I got some sleep and then drove to Verbier at 6 the next morning.8579806257_3202e1a953_b

This is me and Lori checking the face while waiting for the heli to take us up to the start gate. Oh, how nervous I was at this point. Photo by D.Carlier.8582517377_b2ea8466d0_b

Pia going through her line at the start. This is how you can tell if someone used to be a alpine racer :)  Photo by D. Carlier.8579811507_7dacc36312_b

My first air right at the top. The face was probably steeper than any competition face I’ve ever skied before. Photo by D.Daher.8580091601_093e1fed1b_b

My second air. Lost my balance a bit on the take off as there where some rocks hidden there, but managed to stay on my feet. Photo by T.Repo. Matilda_finish_FWT13

When I heard that I was in the lead I was chocked. As you can see.8580138111_7ed5fdb801_bLorraine finished second and Nadine third. It’s quite cool that both me and Lori entered the contest on a wildcard! Nadine won the overall standings and is now crowned the FWT champion 2013. Impressive! Photo by P.Field.8580140279_25f7bc509f_b In the men’s category Reine had an impressive, fluent run and finished second. That meant he was also second in the overall! Wille also had a good run until he crashed after the Hollywood cliff. Kevin Guri won. Photo by P.Field.

Me, Kevin and Ralph celebrating our victories with some bubbles. Photo by P.Field.

8581247782_1f7491cce0_b Prizegiving in the village. It was cool to see and hear how many Swedes that were there supporting us. Photo by D. Carlier.

I don’t think I’ve ever achieved anything like this and it’s been amazing having so many friends, relatives and sponsors supporting me on site, watching the live stream, sending texts, comments and photos. It means so much and to all of you I just want to say THANKS for sharing this experience with me.

Over and out.



Ps. Here are my runs from Verbier and Fieberbrunn. You can also check out the coverage at SVT from Verbier.