This week in Monaco has been a lot about training. It’s such an inspiring environment here and I think that’s why we’ve been so motivated.

DSC05917-1024x657 We started off the week by running 10 second intervals uphill. With 20 seconds rest we did three sets of ten intervals each.

DSC05909-1024x682 I had programmed runkeeper to tell me when to stop and when to run, something I can really recommend.

The day after I ran an easy 9k round with my friend Helena who came visiting. We ran in a comfortable (slow) pace to get some active recovery.

DSC06049-1024x680 The recovery run was well needed to get ready for the cross fit session we did on the stadium on Tuesday.

Skärmavbild-2013-08-28-kl.-21.06.28-1024x550 The day after we had a big mission in mind. To run up to the golf course via La Turbie and then down again on the other side. It was warm, steep and tiring, but we did it. It took us about 3 hours (2h40min effective running time) to run the 18.5 kilometers with a vertical ascent of 920 meters.



DSC06131-1024x682 Mattias, handsome as always. And as fast as ever, I really have to struggle not to loose sight of him ahead of me.

DSC06118 Finally we reached the top. My compression sleves from Gococo really helped me this time.

DSC06207-1024x684 Downhill running is almost more tiring than uphill, at least for the knees.

DSC06287-1024x562 After 48 hours of rest we hit the gym again for a leg session.

DSC06305 Here I’m doing a Clean.



Yesterday I uploaded a video on Instagram with some basic leg exercises, check it out if you’re in need of some inspiration. If you feel like following me there, my name is matildarapaport. As simple as that.

Crossfit session

Yesterday Mattias and I decided to try something new. We went to the stadium here in Monaco and did some crossfit inspired exercises.
1 & 2. Wall ball 2. Front squat 3. Overhead lunge 4. 400 m intervals 5. A tired boyfriend.

After warming up we started off by doing a set of exercises called Helen. First you run 400 meters, then you do 21 kettlebell swings rounded off with 12 pullups (or pushups which is what I did). Repeat this three times and try to do it as fast as possible.

By then were already fairly tired, especially in our upper bodies, but after some rest it was time for another circle. We combined three exercises (wall ball, box jumps and push/press) and did as many reps as we could of each one in 1 minute per exercise. After two rounds of this my legs were getting really tired as well.

Then we decided to do one more round where we did 20 front squats with push/press, then 20 meters of overhead lunges times two and finally we ran 400 meters.

DSC05946 After that, I was pretty much dead.

If you’re as clueless about cross fit as I am, you can find all the information you need here.