IF3 in Annecy

This weekend was a fun one. I went to IF3 (the International Freeski Film Festival) in Annecy, France, to attend the European premiere of Shades of winter.

On Friday morning I met up with the rest of the Peak Performance team to play some golf. I haven’t played at all since I took my golf license in 2008, so for me it was a big challenge. But luckily I survived the round without any major embarrassments.
Me, Sandra and Rachel getting ready to play.
In the evening we went to the local Peak store to watch Henrik and Dave’s movie Let’s go get small about a challenging trip the two of them went on in BC last winter. Check out the trailer here.
The day after it was finally time for the premiere. Here Sandra is being interviewed by the host. So much fun to finally see the full movie, I was really surprised by how good the outcome was. She has done an extraordinary job producing Shades of winter.
bild 4
The weekend was rounded off with a signing session with the rest of the Peak crew.
bild 2

bild 3

Business as (un)usual

Being here in Monaco has been really good. Not only because I spent time with Mattias, could focus on dryland training and got to swim in the Mediterranean sea every day, but also because I could get a lot of work done without interruptions.
F23B4323-2 This has been my office and with a fast wifi and a nice view there isn’t much to complain about.

Being able to work when and where I want to using only my phone and laptop is something that I find extremely valuable. When I decided to leave Ski Lodge and focus on skiing I wasn’t sure what it would be like running my own business, but I knew that I wanted to keep on challenging myself not only in the mountains but also in a strategic way. One year later I think I found a way to do it – and most importantly partners that believe I can combine the two.

So, what am I up to these days?

One commitment I’ve had since February is being the the Jungfrau region and Haslital PR and marketing representative in Scandinavia in cooperation with Ferretti Tourism Marketing. Jungfrau and Haslital are two fantastic destinations in the Swiss alps, I wrote about them here and here. And by the way, Wengen is nominated in World Ski Awards as Switzerland’s best ski resort and of course I think you should click the link and vote for it.

Another thing I’m currently working on is a job site for seasonieres. I’m in the project together with my brother Arthur and our friends Jesper and Marcus. The idea came up a few years ago when we were all sitting around the dinner table after a long day of skiing in Engelberg. I told them how difficult I found it knowing where to advertise for new staff and how time consuming it was to go through all the resumés to find that a basic skill needed was missing. They – on the other hand – told me from a seasoniere perspective how difficult it was to find a season job because there wasn’t any platform that gathered these type of employments. The site will be called Explore Your Passion and we’re not far away from launching it anymore – finally! More info to come so stay tuned.

This is our logo, do you like it?

Something else that I’m working on right now which is closer related to my skiing is a Stockholm premiere of Shades of Winter. Exiting!

Apart from these projects I have some more coming up soon that I’m really happy about, I’ll share when I can.

That was all I think. Now – bedtime.

Shades of winter

The teaser for Shades of winter is finally released. I am so proud to be one of the skiers in this film project initiated and produced by my friend and fellow skier Sandra Lahnsteiner. Apart from Sandra this movie features Lorraine Huber (AUT), Janina Kuzma (NZL), Pia Widmesser (GER), Caja Schöpf (GER), Rachel Burks, and the girls from Nine Queens.

SHADES OF WINTER trailer from Sandra Lahnsteiner on Vimeo.

Shades of winter is one of the ski movies chosen to compete in the IF3 (International Freeski Film Festival) in Montreal, Canada, Annecy, France and Innsbruck, Austria. Can’t wait to see the full movie!


Some photos from the shootings last winter. I am SO looking forward to this upcoming winter now.








IMG_1118 This guy was one of the brightest souls I’ve ever met and his stokage level made us all so happy and exited in Alaska. We will miss you a lot Pat, but your photos will live for long.

Alaska day 1-3

Haines, Alaska. It’s one of those places on earth I always wanted to ski and when Sandra asked me if I wanted to join her and Lorraine for a film trip there I just couldn’t say no. Thursday last week, after some intense days of planning, we flew out of Munich and three flights, one night in White Horse, and a five hour drive through Canada later we arrived in Haines.The trip went well despite that the huge pickup truck we rented in White Horse broke down when we got to the helibase. Luckily we could solve it by getting a new truck from White Horse.

Now we’ve been here for three days but so far we haven’t gotten to ski. It’s all about being patient here, waiting for the good conditions. Now it looks like we’re getting some new snow in the upcoming days so we might have some more downdays coming up but then we could hopefully get some really productive days. Skärmavbild 2013-04-08 kl. 12.43.00 Haines is located in the south east of Alaska close to the Canadian boarder. The heli base and the place we’re staying at, is about 30 miles from there.

We got a glimpse of the mountains we’re skiing and wow, they are just as impressive, beautiful and intimidating as expected.
IMG_0836 Sandra relaxing in the sun while being on aggressive standby, an expression I learned the meaning of yesterday.


IMG_0838 Met this hillbilly yesterday and I just had to take a photo.