Happy new year!

Happy new year guys! I have a feeling this could be a good one. Here’s a short recap of what I was up to the last week of 2013. F23B6915-1024x682
Celebrated Christmas with friends in Engelberg.
Shot powder bangers with Oskar.
Spent some hours in the gym with Mattias to keep legs and core in shape.
Watched Mattias ski really well in Garmisch-Partnenkirchen.
Could it be because of his devoted coach?
DSC09151-1024x637 Ended the year in style at Hans and Maria’s place with a good dinner, fireworks and a great view over Innsbruck.

The only thing I missed was my family in Sweden, apart from that I had a great time. Hope you did too.

Innsbruck – Fieberbrunn

Three days ago Mattias and I got into the car and drove to Innsbruck (well, Mattias claims I was sleeping most of the way but it’s not really the truth… )

Mattias trained in Mutters the day after so I joined. Mutters is located really close to Innsbruck and from the top you can see the whole city below.

Our host in Innsbruck, Hans. Nice to see him back on skis again!


20130125-160348.jpgThursday I took the train from Innsbruck to Fieberbrunn to meet up with a Peak crew that are here for the Hahnenkahm weekend with a group of guests. I’m looking forward to watch the downhill race live tomorrow, its my first time. Quite happy that Mattias is not on start there considering how nervous I would be.

20130125-160402.jpg Some pictures from the tour Osten, Sebastian, and I did yesterday in Fieberbrunn. Found really good snow although a week had past since the last snowfall.

Now off to après. Sorry about the bad quality on some of the photos, the wifi here isn’t the fastest.