IF3 in Annecy

This weekend was a fun one. I went to IF3 (the International Freeski Film Festival) in Annecy, France, to attend the European premiere of Shades of winter.

On Friday morning I met up with the rest of the Peak Performance team to play some golf. I haven’t played at all since I took my golf license in 2008, so for me it was a big challenge. But luckily I survived the round without any major embarrassments.
Me, Sandra and Rachel getting ready to play.
In the evening we went to the local Peak store to watch Henrik and Dave’s movie Let’s go get small about a challenging trip the two of them went on in BC last winter. Check out the trailer here.
The day after it was finally time for the premiere. Here Sandra is being interviewed by the host. So much fun to finally see the full movie, I was really surprised by how good the outcome was. She has done an extraordinary job producing Shades of winter.
bild 4
The weekend was rounded off with a signing session with the rest of the Peak crew.
bild 2

bild 3

Shades of winter

The teaser for Shades of winter is finally released. I am so proud to be one of the skiers in this film project initiated and produced by my friend and fellow skier Sandra Lahnsteiner. Apart from Sandra this movie features Lorraine Huber (AUT), Janina Kuzma (NZL), Pia Widmesser (GER), Caja Schöpf (GER), Rachel Burks, and the girls from Nine Queens.

SHADES OF WINTER trailer from Sandra Lahnsteiner on Vimeo.

Shades of winter is one of the ski movies chosen to compete in the IF3 (International Freeski Film Festival) in Montreal, Canada, Annecy, France and Innsbruck, Austria. Can’t wait to see the full movie!


Some photos from the shootings last winter. I am SO looking forward to this upcoming winter now.








IMG_1118 This guy was one of the brightest souls I’ve ever met and his stokage level made us all so happy and exited in Alaska. We will miss you a lot Pat, but your photos will live for long.