Business as (un)usual

Being here in Monaco has been really good. Not only because I spent time with Mattias, could focus on dryland training and got to swim in the Mediterranean sea every day, but also because I could get a lot of work done without interruptions.
F23B4323-2 This has been my office and with a fast wifi and a nice view there isn’t much to complain about.

Being able to work when and where I want to using only my phone and laptop is something that I find extremely valuable. When I decided to leave Ski Lodge and focus on skiing I wasn’t sure what it would be like running my own business, but I knew that I wanted to keep on challenging myself not only in the mountains but also in a strategic way. One year later I think I found a way to do it – and most importantly partners that believe I can combine the two.

So, what am I up to these days?

One commitment I’ve had since February is being the the Jungfrau region and Haslital PR and marketing representative in Scandinavia in cooperation with Ferretti Tourism Marketing. Jungfrau and Haslital are two fantastic destinations in the Swiss alps, I wrote about them here and here. And by the way, Wengen is nominated in World Ski Awards as Switzerland’s best ski resort and of course I think you should click the link and vote for it.

Another thing I’m currently working on is a job site for seasonieres. I’m in the project together with my brother Arthur and our friends Jesper and Marcus. The idea came up a few years ago when we were all sitting around the dinner table after a long day of skiing in Engelberg. I told them how difficult I found it knowing where to advertise for new staff and how time consuming it was to go through all the resumés to find that a basic skill needed was missing. They – on the other hand – told me from a seasoniere perspective how difficult it was to find a season job because there wasn’t any platform that gathered these type of employments. The site will be called Explore Your Passion and we’re not far away from launching it anymore – finally! More info to come so stay tuned.

This is our logo, do you like it?

Something else that I’m working on right now which is closer related to my skiing is a Stockholm premiere of Shades of Winter. Exiting!

Apart from these projects I have some more coming up soon that I’m really happy about, I’ll share when I can.

That was all I think. Now – bedtime.

Heliskiing in Haslital

A few days ago Mattias, Wille and I went filming in the Haslital area, close to the Susten-pass. We had a great setup with two helicopters, one for us and one for Bergman and Oskar so that they could shoot from the heli when we were skiing. I’ve been in this area once before and just as last time we got well rewarded. Nine runs and one long tumble later I was exhausted. But happy. IMG_1303
Morning pickup. Our guide Thomas to the right.
Mattias enjoying the view.
My first line. Susten is filled with cool faces like this one. I guess it’s unnecessary to point it out, but the snow was great there.
IMG_4990-2 IMG_4973-2 Some shots Mattias took from that run. IMG_5075 Another one of my runs.
IMG_1331 The second heli arrives. IMG_1323
Checking lines. Jesper joined us in the afternoon, I think he liked it. IMG_1338 Stay down! IMG_1351
Wille about to drop in. IMG_1336 The last face of the day. I had a little crash in this run, but luckily the only consequence was sore muscles the day after.
IMG_1326 Wille and Mattias both skied really well and did some impressive runs each. IMG_1339 Mattias loading skis after our last run. Time to head back home.

This is a little edit that Wille did from our heli day, I really like it.

If you’re thinking about going heliskiing in Switzerland, this is the place to go. Contact Bohag Helicopters for more information. You can also go ski touring in this area, get in touch with the local mountain guides if you want to know more.

The rest of my Easter weekend was spent at home skiing, eating and relaxing with friends. We had a great dinner at home last Friday when Jonas Bolling came visiting, check what we ate here.

Touring in Meiringen

After a week of skiing in Mürren and and Haslital it was quite nice to come home on Tuesday evening and sleep in my own bed for a few nights. But back to our trip.

Our last day in Hasliberg we decided to go touring in search for good snow. We had heard a lot about the numerous tours to chose from in the area and wanted to try them all out. Luckily, mountain guide Teddy Zumstein from Hasliguides joined and could make the choice for us. But first, let’s have a look at some more photos from our two days of skiing in Hasliberg!
We stayed out late on Monday to get some shots in the afternoon sun. The snow actually looks pretty good here. But this is how crusty the snow really was. Didn’t really capture Johan in this turn. But in this one I did. Bare in mind that the landing was crusty and hard! For me, having fun in the mountains is all about not running out of energy. A snickers kept my spirit high in the late afternoon.

So, over to our day of ski touring. In summer there is a road over the mountain pass Grosse Scheidegg that is located between Meiringen and Grindelwald. We drove for half an hour up the pass and stopped where the road ends in winter time, a couple of hundred vertical meters from the highest point. From there we took off.
As you can see Rosenlaui is located between Meiringen and Grindelwald. You can also see Titlis and Engelberg up to the right. The tour we did is called Rosenlaui and is quite famous in the region. We took off around 10 am, no point of heading up earlier as we were looking for slushy afternoon snow to ski on our way down. We weren’t alone on the mountain. Almost there. Johan, Fredrik and Teddy at the top where we stopped for a break and some sandwiches after 1000 vertical meters of touring. A self-portrait from our way down. On our way we could see the peaks Eiger and Jungfrau in one direction, and Titlis in another. Quite cool to be in-between. The snow wasn’t perfect, but we had fun anyways. Afterwards we headed over to Hasliberg again to have a beer and check out a new hotel. It’s called Wetterhorn. The hotel as built around the turn of the last century but stood empty for thirty years before it was renovated and reopened just before Christmas. It’s run by a fairly young couple from Lucerne and offers great accommodation, mountain views and food. Every week they organize concerts in the brand new bar and the whole place has a warm, friendly and informal atmosphere to it (something you rarely find in the Swiss Alps I must say). One of the double rooms. Love the bed! Apparently the wood is taken from an old house.

Tomorrow I’m leaving again for La Clusaz where I have the first comp of the season. Snow is predicted for tomorrow and I think the contest will be held Saturday. Wish me luck!

Hasliberg – a new favorite

When I first was invited to this photo shoot and heard that one of the stops was the Haslital I got really exited. This little ski resort is located less than an hour away from Engelberg by car and I’ve heard rumors about its great potential.

We haven’t been very lucky with the snow conditions during this week due to warm winds and sun, therefore we’ve struggled a bit with getting good shots. Nevertheless I believe that Haslital can be a really fun area to ski after snowfall with lots of open faces with semi-steep terrain. Another plus is the pistes that are wide and offer long runs. We also spotted some tree-skiing that looked cool!

20130107-211544.jpg We stopped for some pictures on our way to Meiringen.

Can you spot the top of Titlis to the right in the picture? This is how close Engelberg is.

20130107-215141.jpg One of the pistes in sunset light.

Happy happy.

20130107-211654.jpg Played some ping-pong after dinner yesterday. I lost, really suck at rackets ports, haha.

Tomorrow we are teaming up with a mountain guide to go touring, I’m looking forward to explore the mountains here more!