This weekend was spent in Kitzbühel watching the 73rd Hahnenkamm race. Seeing the downhill live was as spectacular as expected and the ambience among the 42’000 spectators was great.

After the race we went up to the start and checked it out. It takes a lot of guts to launch yourself out of the starting gate here in Kitz, it’s steep and icy as hell.
Up there we met a true legend, Franz Klammer. he won four times in the late seventies.
We also met this guy, not sure what he was doing with those skis. In the evening we watched the prize giving and bib draw for the slalom. It was cool to see Mattias get up there and get his bib.

Afterwards we had dinner and went back to Fieberbrunn. The morning after I went back to support Mattias. He ended up 12th and qualified for the world champs in Schladming, hurray!

Innsbruck – Fieberbrunn

Three days ago Mattias and I got into the car and drove to Innsbruck (well, Mattias claims I was sleeping most of the way but it’s not really the truth… )

Mattias trained in Mutters the day after so I joined. Mutters is located really close to Innsbruck and from the top you can see the whole city below.

Our host in Innsbruck, Hans. Nice to see him back on skis again!


20130125-160348.jpgThursday I took the train from Innsbruck to Fieberbrunn to meet up with a Peak crew that are here for the Hahnenkahm weekend with a group of guests. I’m looking forward to watch the downhill race live tomorrow, its my first time. Quite happy that Mattias is not on start there considering how nervous I would be.

20130125-160402.jpg Some pictures from the tour Osten, Sebastian, and I did yesterday in Fieberbrunn. Found really good snow although a week had past since the last snowfall.

Now off to après. Sorry about the bad quality on some of the photos, the wifi here isn’t the fastest.