So, as you’ve probably understood by now the contest didn’t happen last weekend. When we had the face inspection on Friday everyone realized that the thick crust with sugar snow underneath was just to dangerous to ski and so the contest was postponed. There is a weather window until this upcoming Saturday and the organization decided to use it. Looking at the forecast I think that Saturday would be the best day to run as its gonna snow on Thursday, but we don’t know yet.

Christine being interviewed by the FWT crew.

20130312-090318.jpg Pia, Anne-May and I waiting for the bib draw.

Instead of staying in Fieberbrunn I decided to head back to Engelberg as I had plans to ski with some journalists invited by Peak Performance. We had a fun day on the mountain yesterday and now we’re about to hit the slopes again.

20130312-085350.jpg Instagram screen dump from Claes Juhlin taken yesterday.


A couple of days ago I got a surprising call. It was one of the organizers of the Freeride World Tour event in Fieberbrunn, Austria, that offered me a wildcard to the contest! I was thrilled of course and immediately said yes. It’s held this upcoming weekend and it is streamed live at www.freerideworldtour.com. I’m trying to see this as a good practice for next year’s FWT, not putting too much pressure on myself to perform. However, as the difference in terms of media, spectators etc. is quite big compered to the qualifier tour I suspect I’ll feel a bit more nervous than usual anyways.

This is the teaser for the event.

Apart from the comp in itself I’m very much looking forward to seeing some friends that I haven’t seen in a while. Christine, Pia and Anne-May among others. See you guys tomorrow!

This is the venue we’re gonna ski on Saturday.

I haven’t been skiing much this last week. Instead I booked a flight to Stockholm over the weekend to spend some time with my family that I haven’t seen since November. It’s not very often my whole family is in Stockholm but this time I got to see everyone.

My baby brothers Rafael and Ruben. Not a quiet moment when they are around.

My beautiful mum.

Now it’s time to start packing again. Don’t think I’ve spent more than three nights in a row at home since mid January. But starting next week I will as the location for the Peak Performance winter shoot is… Engelberg!

Innsbruck – Fieberbrunn

Three days ago Mattias and I got into the car and drove to Innsbruck (well, Mattias claims I was sleeping most of the way but it’s not really the truth… )

Mattias trained in Mutters the day after so I joined. Mutters is located really close to Innsbruck and from the top you can see the whole city below.

Our host in Innsbruck, Hans. Nice to see him back on skis again!


20130125-160348.jpgThursday I took the train from Innsbruck to Fieberbrunn to meet up with a Peak crew that are here for the Hahnenkahm weekend with a group of guests. I’m looking forward to watch the downhill race live tomorrow, its my first time. Quite happy that Mattias is not on start there considering how nervous I would be.

20130125-160402.jpg Some pictures from the tour Osten, Sebastian, and I did yesterday in Fieberbrunn. Found really good snow although a week had past since the last snowfall.

Now off to après. Sorry about the bad quality on some of the photos, the wifi here isn’t the fastest.