Happy new year!

Happy new year guys! I have a feeling this could be a good one. Here’s a short recap of what I was up to the last week of 2013. F23B6915-1024x682
Celebrated Christmas with friends in Engelberg.
Shot powder bangers with Oskar.
Spent some hours in the gym with Mattias to keep legs and core in shape.
Watched Mattias ski really well in Garmisch-Partnenkirchen.
Could it be because of his devoted coach?
DSC09151-1024x637 Ended the year in style at Hans and Maria’s place with a good dinner, fireworks and a great view over Innsbruck.

The only thing I missed was my family in Sweden, apart from that I had a great time. Hope you did too.

Weekend round-up

Mattias has been home this weekend and it’s been an active one with cross-country skiing, a gym session, some regular skiing and yoga – couldn’t convince Mattias to join me for that though…
Started off the weekend by picking Mattias up at Zürich airport.
Weekend breakfasts are the best ones.
I’m not a fast skater and my technique is far from good, but it’s a great way of getting your heart beating.



Yesterday’s session at the gym. Didn’t do many exercises but choose a few important ones to preserve the pre-season streght.

F23B6218 A core exercise I really like.

F23B6221 Another one.

Of course we went up the mountain to get some proper skiing too.
And a coffee.
All photos are taken by my fantastic house photographer of course.

A pre-season out of the ordinary

November has come to an end. Looking back it’s been two intense weeks of skiing since I got home. The weather gods have treated us well and although it’s still fairly rocky on the mountain almost all the regular runs are now skiable.2013-11-24 20.49.56
I’ve missed this view. What is it about mountains that makes you feel so good?
2013-11-24 20.48.12 Janette and Christine came visiting and we had a good week skiing together. It’s a challenge keeping up with two freeskiing world champions but a great way to get in shape for the winter.
2013-11-27 13.06.24 HDR-1
Another beautiful panorama in Englsenalp.
2013-11-25 12.54.56 HDR
Janette smiling after another long run.
2013-11-27 14.53.51 HDR
I’ve been out shooting with Oskar for a few days too. At this time of the year not much light finds it’s way into the north-facing Titlis area. Here, Olof Larsson is waiting for some sun to catch his line.
2013-11-28 09.25.24
I tested my new helmet for the first time.
2013-12-01 12.14.08
Piers Solomon discussing where to turn with Oskar yesterday.
2013-12-01 12.24.36 HDR-1
The village far below seen from the top of the famous run Laub.
2013-12-01 16.31.29-1
Piers dropping in that same run later the same day. The light was sooo pretty.

Now – lets see what December has to offer us.



DSC08203-1024x682 To me, there is nothing like coming back home to Engelberg. On Monday we loaded the car and drove back home after a few weeks in Stockholm. The trip went smooth and we arrived safe and sound yesterday.
The car was filled with skis and gear, it’s a good thing its fairly spacious. Laub
Today I had a good day of skiing with these two. Laub was actually skiable and that’s rare considering how early it is. It should however be said there are still a lot of rocks to hit as there is no real base yet. So be careful out there!

Weekend with friends

This weekend has been a good one. Maria, one of my oldest and closest friends, came visiting and got to ski deep powder for the first time in her life. She loved it. On Friday Emelie, another good friend of mine, joined us and we had an intense weekend of skiing, hiking, talking and laughing.

Emelie enjoing the view.
Jon enjoying the fresh snow.
Maria doing some Nordica advertisement. Thanks for the support!
Emelie is in deep.
Emelie, Maria and I in the bottom of Galtiberg, the 2000 vertical meter run. A true favourite of mine.
Hiking in Wendelücke, a.k.a Mordor.

Emelie, Ann, Jon and Maria hiking back up to the lift on tired legs.
Smile for the camera Maria.
Emelie taking her last steps back onto the slope.

Now I’m trying to catch up with work before I go to Kitzbühel for a Peak event later this week.

Home sweet home

This week I’ve been home in Engelberg. I spent a few days with Mattias, tried to catch up with work, and then Maria came visiting over the weekend. It has snowed quite a lot during the week so she really had the perfect timing!

Some pics from the last days.









Morning fog

When I woke up this morning the valley was covered with a thick layer of fog but after a while it started to ease up and the sun came through. I just had to share.

Winter opening with a summer feeling

This weekend the glacier in Engelberg opened up for the winter season and of course I took my skis out for a few runs. The weather was warm and sunny but the snow was surprisingly cold and we even got some powder turns just next to the piste.
The funny thing about October in the Alps is that one moment you’re up skiing on cold snow at 3000 meter over sea level. The next you’re biking, climbing, or hiking in summer weather down in the valley. Or you can just go for a walk wearing t-shirt which is exactly what I did.
Walked past this cute little orchestra playing typically Swiss music on a parking lot.

My Saturday was rounded off with the fifth consecutive crayfish party at Ski Lodge, however all pictures from that event are considered classified material.