Photoshoot in Mürren part II

We’ve had two more days of shooting in Mürren now. It’s been a game of waiting as the light conditions have been changing fast. From sun to flat light and then back again. Anyways, I think we got some good shots. Tomorrow it’s time to leave the spectacular peaks here as we are heading over to Meiringen/Haslital. I’m really curious about the place as it’s my first time there. Our plan is to go touring quite a lot, and we could actually end up where me and Mattias were heliskiing last year. I sure hope we do. The mountain panorama in Mürren is simply stunning. The three peaks are Eiger to the left, Mönch in the middle and Jungfrau to the right.
Schenholm getting ready for another epic shot by marking the turning spot with a snowball.
Johan pulling his one-turn-wonder in front of the camera. We drank some coffee while waiting for better light.
Being a photographer means taking risks sometimes…
A tired crew after a full day on the mountain.

For more updates from our trip, check out Johan’s and Fredrik’s blogs too. Let’s call it a night, should we.