It’s been a while since my last blog post and it’s time the do a quick recap of what I’ve been up to lately.

Started off summer by spending some time in Monaco. Oh how I love running next to the Mediterranean.

DSC02384 Got a pair of Lunarlon runners from Nike to use when getting in shape for Stockholm Half Marathon this fall. I really like running in light shoes but I still need some support and comfort, so for me these are great.

IMG_2959 Spent some time baby sitting my youngest brothers. As you can see they are both keen Zlatan fans.

DSC_0986 This summer one of my closest friends, Anna, is getting married. We surprised her with a full day bachelorette party in Stockholm.

DSC_0902 The theme was ”American allstars”.

DSC_0031 With an American theme, of course some shooting was mandatory. We did a segway biathlon arranged by Öppet Hav, so much fun.

DSC_0055Anna also had to challenge Super Mario in ”the plank”. She won and our crew could leave with dignity.

DSC02555-1024x716 June has been alot about starting off the summer training. Here some photos from an interval session at Hammarbybacken in Stockholm a week ago.



Time off skis.

Enjoying a couple of days off skis in Monaco with Mattias. IMG_1633



I’ve had problems with my calves when running for as long as I can remember. They tend to cramp and sometimes my feet goes numb. A few months ago I got a pair of compression socks from Annie and Linnéa, the two inspiring founders of Gococo. Their socks really helped me. And best of all. Their socks doesn’t smell!

AK day 11-14 – It’s a wrap

Yesterday I got back home after a 42 hour trip from Haines. Time to sum up our last days over there.

After four intense days of skiing we were all tired, physically as well as mentally. With about eight film crews in the area we were also in need of a reset with some new snow and that was exactly what we got. It started to snow and we could rest our legs for a few days. Luckily the sky cleared again on our last day and we went out at 7 in the morning to milk out everything we could before leaving AK.

IMG_1136 We spent our last day in the area Buns of Steel.
IMG_1161 Skied both spines and pillows there.
IMG_1158 Droppin’ in.


IMG_1185 Our guide Bernie did an amazing job taking us around in the Chilcat mountains. It’s not easy managing a film crew of first-timers in Alaska, but he did it very well.

IMG_0885 One of our downdays was spent at the Kroschel wildlife center where we got to meet some very intiminating Alaskan inhabitants.


IMG_0895 This hawk was hungry…



IMG_0907 The grizzlys in Alaska are just about to wake up and one of the heli pilots saw one not far from where we were skiing the other day. Scary!

IMG_0916 I’ve never seen a wolverine before. They are very shy animals but can get aggressive, so stay away.

Now, being back home again, I realize how lucky we were and hos successful our trip was. We had stable snow conditions, good weather, got some fresh snow and were surrounded by skilled professionals that looked after us. There are a few people I’d like to thank in particular; our guide Bernd ”Bernie” Krainbucher, Alaska Heliskiing, Bruce Bauer at the Funny Farm, filmer Mathias Bergmann, photographer Patrick Orton, and of course Sandra and Lorraine who made this trip an all-timer.

AK. I’ll be back.

AK day 9-10 – Another two bluebird days

Today was an intense day, we started off at 7 with shooting lines from the heli. That means the doors are removed and the filmer and photographer are both sitting on the side of the heli taking their shots while we’re skiing. Pretty intense!

I’m running out of time as we are about to meet up with some fellow skiers to drink a few beers, celebrating four fantastic days of filming. I’ll let the footage speak for itself this time instead.





















Alaska day 6-8 – and… Action!

Yesterday we had our first Alaskan skiing experience. To finally get out with the heli after almost a week of wating time was simply incredible. I’ve gone from feeling extremely nervous to superstoked – several times – within the last two days. Now we’ve skied nine lines each and we’re all starting to feel slightly more confident with this insane terrain.
Three exited ladies all pumped and geared up ready to get into the chopper.
IMG_1018 Just seeing all the mountains for real for the first time was exiting.
IMG_0932 The first face we skied yesterday. I skied the couloir in the middle.
IMG_0942 Another face from yesterday.
IMG_0944 My first run this morning was this bowl.
Filmer Mattias and photographer Pat at the top of the middle peak there.
IMG_0958 This is Sandra cruising down this long ramp. Huge sluff coming down those cliffs to her left.


IMG_0966 Another line I skied today, a ramp right between the spines to the right.
Spectacular view from the top.


IMG_0982 Met another group out skiing. Like this guy’s gopro setup.

IMG_0989 Lori in really nice light at the top of the ridge.


IMG_1006 Our last face today. Can you spot Lori skiing the lookers left line? My line in the middle, Sandra’s to the right. Epic snow in there.

IMG_1012 After a long day in the mountains it was nice to get our last pickup and go back to the base.

IMG_1023 Happy crew!

Now time for bed. We’re heading back out there at 7 AM tomorrow morning.

Alaska day 4-5 – The Funny Farm

Another two downdays here in Alaska went by. Yesterday morning a heavy rain woke us up and it kept on going until the afternoon. We spent the day in Haines filming some lifestyle in the harbour, and playing soccer with some of the guides and other clients. Today when we woke up there was blue patches on the sky so we really got our hopes up and were ready to hop into the car when our guide called us to deliver the morning report. It turned out that the mountains were still covered with milky clouds which meant another downday was coming up.
The place we’re staying at is quite special. It’s called the Funny Farm and is run by the fisherman Bruce who’s full of funny and scary stories.
The Funny Farm burned down in November 2011 and has just reopened after some serious restoration. The pile of ashes and stuff to the right there is what still reminds the visitors about the fire.
IMG_0869 Bruce has a lot of dogs. They’re everywhere.
This is the backhouse where we’re staying. Our replacement rental truck in the front.
IMG_0842 Backhouse hangout session in the sofa.
IMG_0843 Our kitchen. It’s very American somehow, isn’t it?
IMG_0844 A lot of coffee and tea has been consumed since we got here.
IMG_0846 Today we got into the truck and got out for another film shoot. Beautiful surroundings here.
IMG_0864 This is the Road House, located right next to the Alaska Heliskiing port. We’ve had a few hours of hang time here already.



Apparently it’s been snowing heavily up in the mountains, around 70-100 cm. With some good days coming up from Friday and onwards we’re hoping to get some skiing done soon. It’s all about being patient around here…

Alaska day 1-3

Haines, Alaska. It’s one of those places on earth I always wanted to ski and when Sandra asked me if I wanted to join her and Lorraine for a film trip there I just couldn’t say no. Thursday last week, after some intense days of planning, we flew out of Munich and three flights, one night in White Horse, and a five hour drive through Canada later we arrived in Haines.The trip went well despite that the huge pickup truck we rented in White Horse broke down when we got to the helibase. Luckily we could solve it by getting a new truck from White Horse.

Now we’ve been here for three days but so far we haven’t gotten to ski. It’s all about being patient here, waiting for the good conditions. Now it looks like we’re getting some new snow in the upcoming days so we might have some more downdays coming up but then we could hopefully get some really productive days. Skärmavbild 2013-04-08 kl. 12.43.00 Haines is located in the south east of Alaska close to the Canadian boarder. The heli base and the place we’re staying at, is about 30 miles from there.

We got a glimpse of the mountains we’re skiing and wow, they are just as impressive, beautiful and intimidating as expected.
IMG_0836 Sandra relaxing in the sun while being on aggressive standby, an expression I learned the meaning of yesterday.


IMG_0838 Met this hillbilly yesterday and I just had to take a photo.

Heliskiing in Haslital

A few days ago Mattias, Wille and I went filming in the Haslital area, close to the Susten-pass. We had a great setup with two helicopters, one for us and one for Bergman and Oskar so that they could shoot from the heli when we were skiing. I’ve been in this area once before and just as last time we got well rewarded. Nine runs and one long tumble later I was exhausted. But happy. IMG_1303
Morning pickup. Our guide Thomas to the right.
Mattias enjoying the view.
My first line. Susten is filled with cool faces like this one. I guess it’s unnecessary to point it out, but the snow was great there.
IMG_4990-2 IMG_4973-2 Some shots Mattias took from that run. IMG_5075 Another one of my runs.
IMG_1331 The second heli arrives. IMG_1323
Checking lines. Jesper joined us in the afternoon, I think he liked it. IMG_1338 Stay down! IMG_1351
Wille about to drop in. IMG_1336 The last face of the day. I had a little crash in this run, but luckily the only consequence was sore muscles the day after.
IMG_1326 Wille and Mattias both skied really well and did some impressive runs each. IMG_1339 Mattias loading skis after our last run. Time to head back home.

This is a little edit that Wille did from our heli day, I really like it.

If you’re thinking about going heliskiing in Switzerland, this is the place to go. Contact Bohag Helicopters for more information. You can also go ski touring in this area, get in touch with the local mountain guides if you want to know more.

The rest of my Easter weekend was spent at home skiing, eating and relaxing with friends. We had a great dinner at home last Friday when Jonas Bolling came visiting, check what we ate here.

Two unforgettable weeks – Fieberbrunn, Xtrem Verbier and Peak Performance photo shoot

Monday today, and for the first time in while I’m back in front of the computer. It’s been two intense weeks with lots of new impressions, nervousness, adrenaline, exitement, and pure joy. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet lots of new friends.

But let’s go back about one and a half week in time. I was in Fieberbrunn again after the long waiting period that I spent in Engelberg. It had been snowing during the week and when we got up to the spectators area at 6 AM (!) on the day of the contest the sky had cleared up. Strong winds in the night had removed the fresh snow from some parts of the venue, but all in all the conditions looked great. FWT-bibBib draw. F.L.T.R Jackie, Janina, Jess, Christine, Anne-May, Pia, Crystal, Nadine, Ashley, myself and Lorraine.8578507492_07efc0f69c_bMe and Pia discussing our line choices before the contest. Photo by T.Haller.8561850333_5391461d80_bLast line check at the start. Photo by J.Bernard.8562961616_8f97696e10_bIn the start gate getting ready to drop. Lots of butterflies in my stomach here… Photo by J.Bernard.8578510806_0935c06c6b_bMy run. I skied the line that I wanted to ski except for my bottom cliff where the landing looked extremely flat from the top. Hence I skipped it. Although that didn’t look very agressive I’m happy I did as I heard afterwards that three other girls crashed on it. Photo by D.Carlier.8561878273_e3cbaa93cd_b

My run took me to second place after Nadine Wallner who won! Jackie Paaso was third. After this I didn’t think my season could get any better. Photo by Z.Haller.bildWille and Reine both skied really well and ended up 2nd and 3rd in the men’s ski category. Quite impressive that three out of three Swedes were on the podium in Fieberbrunn I must say.

After the prizegiving I got into the car right away and drove back to Engelberg. Our Peak Performance photo shoot was about to start and of course I didn’t want to miss out. We were a crew of seven riders including SandraHenrik, Oskar, Sebastian, me, Rachael and Tadahiro.bild kopia 2We had some fun days in Engelberg and one great powder day in Airolo and I really enjoyed seeing everyone.

On Wednesday evening, when our shoot had just finished, I got an sms from the Freeride World Tour organization. They said that due to a last minute cancelation they had a free spot for the FWT finals, the legendary Verbier Xtreme. It’s of course every competitive freeskier’s dream,  including myself, to participate and I couldn’t say no. Since the contest was less than 36 hours away I got some sleep and then drove to Verbier at 6 the next morning.8579806257_3202e1a953_b

This is me and Lori checking the face while waiting for the heli to take us up to the start gate. Oh, how nervous I was at this point. Photo by D.Carlier.8582517377_b2ea8466d0_b

Pia going through her line at the start. This is how you can tell if someone used to be a alpine racer :)  Photo by D. Carlier.8579811507_7dacc36312_b

My first air right at the top. The face was probably steeper than any competition face I’ve ever skied before. Photo by D.Daher.8580091601_093e1fed1b_b

My second air. Lost my balance a bit on the take off as there where some rocks hidden there, but managed to stay on my feet. Photo by T.Repo. Matilda_finish_FWT13

When I heard that I was in the lead I was chocked. As you can see.8580138111_7ed5fdb801_bLorraine finished second and Nadine third. It’s quite cool that both me and Lori entered the contest on a wildcard! Nadine won the overall standings and is now crowned the FWT champion 2013. Impressive! Photo by P.Field.8580140279_25f7bc509f_b In the men’s category Reine had an impressive, fluent run and finished second. That meant he was also second in the overall! Wille also had a good run until he crashed after the Hollywood cliff. Kevin Guri won. Photo by P.Field.

Me, Kevin and Ralph celebrating our victories with some bubbles. Photo by P.Field.

8581247782_1f7491cce0_b Prizegiving in the village. It was cool to see and hear how many Swedes that were there supporting us. Photo by D. Carlier.

I don’t think I’ve ever achieved anything like this and it’s been amazing having so many friends, relatives and sponsors supporting me on site, watching the live stream, sending texts, comments and photos. It means so much and to all of you I just want to say THANKS for sharing this experience with me.

Over and out.



Ps. Here are my runs from Verbier and Fieberbrunn. You can also check out the coverage at SVT from Verbier.


So, as you’ve probably understood by now the contest didn’t happen last weekend. When we had the face inspection on Friday everyone realized that the thick crust with sugar snow underneath was just to dangerous to ski and so the contest was postponed. There is a weather window until this upcoming Saturday and the organization decided to use it. Looking at the forecast I think that Saturday would be the best day to run as its gonna snow on Thursday, but we don’t know yet.

Christine being interviewed by the FWT crew.

20130312-090318.jpg Pia, Anne-May and I waiting for the bib draw.

Instead of staying in Fieberbrunn I decided to head back to Engelberg as I had plans to ski with some journalists invited by Peak Performance. We had a fun day on the mountain yesterday and now we’re about to hit the slopes again.

20130312-085350.jpg Instagram screen dump from Claes Juhlin taken yesterday.