Happy new year from Munich. We had a very relaxed New Year’s Eve at the hotel yesteday with dinner and some bubbles. At midnight we watched fireworks from the top floor. As the hotel is located outside the city centre we had a nice view over the skyline from there. Some photos of the fireworks borrowed from Mattias blog. Mattias practicing his starting skills agains Herbst the other day. It’s difficult to time the start well and in a course that takes less than 20 seconds a good start means everything.
These last days I haven’t been skiing much. Partly because I’ve been hanging out with Mattias when he’s been training and partly because I caught a cold. Really hate being sick. This is how cold I was by the end of the training a couple of days ago.

Now, make sure you tune in SVT, ORF, Eurosport, SF or any other channel broadcasting the event tonight at 6 pm for some parallel action. It’s going to be a spectacular evening so don’t miss out. And – it’s the perfect hangover activity.