La Clusaz FWT qualifier

It turned out to be a good weekend in La Clusaz. On Friday it snowed a lot, hence we got to compete in pow conditions, something that rarely happens. However, this meant that the venues we were supposed to ski in the qualification and final became too dangerous and there was a change of plan. Instead we skied a shorter venue and all was done in one day as the weather was forecasted to get worse on Sunday.

This is how the upper part looked. I skied a line to the (lookers) left at the top and then down to the right, but unfortunately I’ve got no pictures from my run. Anyways, it turned out as planned and I had a quite good feeling afterwards, although I didn’t know how anyone else had skied.
Nervous but exited to ski before my run. We got lucky with the weather as you can see. In the back you see the surrounding mountains in La Clusaz. Lots of tree skiing can be found in the area and in contrast to Switzerland it’s heaven as all forests are skiable – there are no restricted ”animal” areas. Nina, my coach, photographer, masseuse, feeder, and mood manager did a great job. Hope she was pleased with the result. After the contest Lotten, Nina and I took a walk in the village. La Clusaz is a cozy little Alp town with lots of restaurants, bars, delis and ski shops. Very French indeed.
We stopped for a vin chaud (glüwein) in one of the bars. In the evening we went to the prizegiving. I was so happy to step up on that podium. It also gave me important points in the Freeride World Qualifier tour. Lorraine Huber won and Angelika Kaufmann was third. Afterwards we celebrated with wine, pizza and a few drinks at the riders party :)

Ps. All photos taken by Nina.