I just got home from Hochfügen where I competed yesterday. The constest was postponed from Saturday to Sunday and although I was a bit disappointed about that at first I realized that the organization made a good call as the sky cleared up and left us with half a meter of fresh snow on Sunday morning.

I decided to go for something a bit bigger and more spectacular than usual as the conditions were so good. Got quite nervous at the start as I realized that a victory could mean qualification for the Freeride World Tour for next year. However I tried to erase those thoughts and just focus on my run and I suceeded and had fun all the way down.

This is the face we skied.
Some photos from my run taken by skilled photographer Hannes Söderlund
The rock I’m about to land here was probably the main feature of my run and I decided quite late that I wanted to do it, only a couple of minutes before starting. I took off next to the camera man so the cliff was easy to find from above. I should have waived at him though ;)
Steep terrain and lots of sluff but soft snow in the bottom made this area easy to ski out of.
I didn’t win but I ended up on second place. Very happy about that! Lorraine Huber won and Laure Vailly came third. This means that I am still ranked 2nd on the Qualifier ranking and it looks promising, although a lot can still happen.

Now I’m back in my office in Engelberg trying to catch up with some work before I leave for Austria again later this week.