Heliskiing in Haslital

A few days ago Mattias, Wille and I went filming in the Haslital area, close to the Susten-pass. We had a great setup with two helicopters, one for us and one for Bergman and Oskar so that they could shoot from the heli when we were skiing. I’ve been in this area once before and just as last time we got well rewarded. Nine runs and one long tumble later I was exhausted. But happy. IMG_1303
Morning pickup. Our guide Thomas to the right.
Mattias enjoying the view.
My first line. Susten is filled with cool faces like this one. I guess it’s unnecessary to point it out, but the snow was great there.
IMG_4990-2 IMG_4973-2 Some shots Mattias took from that run. IMG_5075 Another one of my runs.
IMG_1331 The second heli arrives. IMG_1323
Checking lines. Jesper joined us in the afternoon, I think he liked it. IMG_1338 Stay down! IMG_1351
Wille about to drop in. IMG_1336 The last face of the day. I had a little crash in this run, but luckily the only consequence was sore muscles the day after.
IMG_1326 Wille and Mattias both skied really well and did some impressive runs each. IMG_1339 Mattias loading skis after our last run. Time to head back home.

This is a little edit that Wille did from our heli day, I really like it.

If you’re thinking about going heliskiing in Switzerland, this is the place to go. Contact Bohag Helicopters for more information. You can also go ski touring in this area, get in touch with the local mountain guides if you want to know more.

The rest of my Easter weekend was spent at home skiing, eating and relaxing with friends. We had a great dinner at home last Friday when Jonas Bolling came visiting, check what we ate here.