Hasliberg – a new favorite

When I first was invited to this photo shoot and heard that one of the stops was the Haslital I got really exited. This little ski resort is located less than an hour away from Engelberg by car and I’ve heard rumors about its great potential.

We haven’t been very lucky with the snow conditions during this week due to warm winds and sun, therefore we’ve struggled a bit with getting good shots. Nevertheless I believe that Haslital can be a really fun area to ski after snowfall with lots of open faces with semi-steep terrain. Another plus is the pistes that are wide and offer long runs. We also spotted some tree-skiing that looked cool!

20130107-211544.jpg We stopped for some pictures on our way to Meiringen.

Can you spot the top of Titlis to the right in the picture? This is how close Engelberg is.

20130107-215141.jpg One of the pistes in sunset light.

Happy happy.

20130107-211654.jpg Played some ping-pong after dinner yesterday. I lost, really suck at rackets ports, haha.

Tomorrow we are teaming up with a mountain guide to go touring, I’m looking forward to explore the mountains here more!