Crossfit session

Yesterday Mattias and I decided to try something new. We went to the stadium here in Monaco and did some crossfit inspired exercises.
1 & 2. Wall ball 2. Front squat 3. Overhead lunge 4. 400 m intervals 5. A tired boyfriend.

After warming up we started off by doing a set of exercises called Helen. First you run 400 meters, then you do 21 kettlebell swings rounded off with 12 pullups (or pushups which is what I did). Repeat this three times and try to do it as fast as possible.

By then were already fairly tired, especially in our upper bodies, but after some rest it was time for another circle. We combined three exercises (wall ball, box jumps and push/press) and did as many reps as we could of each one in 1 minute per exercise. After two rounds of this my legs were getting really tired as well.

Then we decided to do one more round where we did 20 front squats with push/press, then 20 meters of overhead lunges times two and finally we ran 400 meters.

DSC05946 After that, I was pretty much dead.

If you’re as clueless about cross fit as I am, you can find all the information you need here.