Circle training

Mattias shot some photos of a circle training session I did two days ago and I figured I could copy/paste the post.

I started up with a ten minute warm up run, then three sets of my normal complex routine.

After that I was ready to go. I combined six different exercises in a circle routine. I did each exercise for 40 seconds, then I rested for 20. I did the circle four times and after each circle I rested for two minutes so in total it took me a little over 30 minutes. Short but efficient.

F23B4141-1024x682 Clean & jerk (in one movement).


F23B4151-1024x682 Side jumps over the bar.

F23B4153-1024x682 Hand-stand walk against a wall. The closer you stand to the wall the stronger you have to be.

F23B4157-1024x682 I used my Runkeeper app again to keep track of the intervals.

F23B4166-1024x682 Box jumps.


F23B4174-1024x682 Don’t know what this one is called but it’s damn tiring.

F23B4181-1024x682 Push-ups left and right (hands move between each rep).

F23B4201-1024x682 Mattias claims I can’t sweat, but I guess he’s wrong!

F23B4257-1024x682 Tired and hungry but satisfied after a good session.